Our Goal

Our goal is to build on the many strengths of Denman by supporting the teachers and staff who make our school a shining star among the middle schools in San Francisco. Through the generous financial support of parents, caregivers, extended family, alumni and friends, the PTSA supports Denman in fulfilling its mission to provide each student with an equal opportunity to succeed.

Denman PTSA Board Contacts

  • President: president@denmanptsa.com
  • Vice President, Community: community@denmanptsa.com
  • Secretary: secretary@denmanptsa.com
  • Treasurer: treasurer@denmanptsa.com
  • Teachers Fund Chair: fundme@denmantptsa.com
  • Auditor: auditor@denmanptsa.com
  • Fundraising Chair: fundraising@denmanptsa.com
  • Membership: membership@denmanptsa.com
  • Volunteer Coordinator: volunteer@denmanptsa.com
  • Parliamentarian: parliamentarian@denmanptsa.com
  • Historian: historian@denmanptsa.com)
  • Teacher Representatives: Drake Pillsbury & Tamana Hamidi
  • James Denman Principal: Jenny Ujie (principal@denmanptsa.com)

Other PTSA Contacts

  • Book Fair Lead: (Bookfair@denmanptsa.com)
  • CashBack Lead (Amazon): (Cashback@denmanptsa.com)
  • Teacher Fund Requests: (FundMe@denmanptsa.com)
  • Webmaster of www.denmanptsa.com: (Webmaster@denmanptsa.com)