General Meeting Re-schedule!

We will be holding a brief General Meeting for our Membership at 8:30 am next Friday before Coffee with Admin (meeting on the third Friday this month). Please join us!


It is crucial to the PTSA’s continued success to form a nominating committee for next year’s board positions. We will also have a couple of other items to adopt and vote on, as well as discuss upcoming volunteer opportunities and update the Membership on our fundraising goals. Please feel free to bring your students if they are a current member. See below and the attached agenda for more information.


Looking for a Short-Term job to make an essential impact on your PTSA?


We are seeking 2 members and 1 alternate member to form the 2020-21 Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee plays a vital role in the life of Denman’s PTSA as its decisions shape the fabric of our executive board. The Nominating Committee will identify potential candidates for the elected positions on the PTSA Executive Board for the upcoming 2020-21 term. This Committee is elected by the general PTSA membership on February 21, 2020, at our re-scheduled General Meeting. The Nominating Committee until the annual election date on at our April General Meeting. 


If you are interested in this important role, please contact Ryan Silvers, Parliamentarian, 


As of now, we know that the positions of Treasurer, Historian, Volunteer coordinator, Fundraising Chair, and Parliamentarian will be open.