FAQ or Denman 101

Especially if this is your first experience as a middle school parent, you may have many questions. You should find some answers here, but feel free to send any questions to: Principal Ms. Shipp or our PTSA President.
You can also ask other parents in the Denman Feeders Yahoo! Group (before your student attends Denman) or in our School-wide Denman PTSA Yahoo! Group (once your student attends Denman).

Drop off & Pick up

Supervision in the yard beginning at 8:45 am weekdays and 9:15 am on Wednesdays. 
All students must leave the building by 3:40 pm daily unless they are participating in an athletic program or in the Denman Beacon Program.
Link to Traffic Diagram

Tardy: Students should check in with the Attendance Clerk, Ms Roy (or main office if not available). Leave early:  Student should bring 2 copies of a note from parent that indicates why & when student needs to leave (e.g. dentist/doctor’s appointment). One to be dropped off at the main office before school starts, the other to give to the teacher. Absence: Call the school when a student will not attend school that day.

Contacting Teachers

Once the school year starts, you will be able to register for SchoolLoop on the Denman Website with the Student HO number (use the number without the “HO”).  You can contact your student’s teachers via SchoolLoop Mail.

Bell Schedules
Regular Wednesday Early Dismissal* Parent-Teacher Conf
1st 09:00-09:55 09:30-10:19 09:00-09:30 09:03-9:48
2nd 09:59-10:49 10:23-11:07 09:34-10:04 09:52-10:37
3rd 10:53-11:44 11:11-11:56 10:08-10:38 10:41-11:26
4th 11:48-12:39 12:00-12:45 10:42-11:12 11:30-12:15
Lunch 12:39-01:15 12:45-01:18 11:12-11:42 12:15-12:50
5th 01:20-01:40 01:22-01:52 No 5th period No 5th period
6th 01:44-02:35 01:56-02:41 11:46-12:20 12:54-01:41
7th 02:39-03:30 02:45-03:30 12:24-12:50 01:45-2:30

* Clubs are cancelled on Early Dismissal Days. Athletic schedule generally remains unchanged – please visit the Sports Section on the Denman Website for details.


All students will be assigned a locker and are responsible for providing a lock – preferably a Master combination type.  Students will be issued lockers in the first weeks of school once required forms (including emergency cards and school lunch forms) are returned and a lock is brought to school.

PE Uniforms

All 6th grade students will receive a free PE uniform.  In order to receive the uniform, students must return their emergency card and lunch form. PE uniforms will be distributed on a first come first serve basis and sizes cannot be guaranteed after the first week of school.  If a current 7th or 8th grade student has lost the uniform they received last year,  a new uniform can be purchased in the school office.

Cell Phones/Electronics Policy
  • The use of cell phones/electronics is not allowed between 8am and 3:30pm. 
  • Cell phone/electronics must be OFF AND AWAY during all passing periods and class periods from first bell to last.
  • If a cell phone/electronic is seen or heard by any adult during class or a passing period it will be confiscated for the day and stored in the counselor’s office. The owner may sign the cell phone/electronics out at the end of the day, but after the third confiscation, an adult family member will be required to sign out the cell phone/electronics, it will not be returned to the student.
  • If a student refuses to surrender the cell phone/electronics to the adult who asks for it, a mandatory parent/guardian conference will be scheduled.